Child Details
AGE 17
MEET Adonia
Adonia is a charming young man. He describes himself as active, responsible, caring, and honest. Adonia enjoys going out to eat and to the movies with his friends. He also likes football and basketball. Adonia's favorite holiday is Christmas. Adonia is doing well in school and his favorite class is gym class. If Adonia had one wish, it would be to not let other's down. Adonia is looking for a two-parent family, but is also open to a single parent, and he gets along well with other children. He's eager to enjoy the experience of having a pet, too. Adonia needs a family who is patient, kind, and willing to help assist him in making the right decisions to ensure a successful future. It is also very important to Adonia that he be able to continue having contact with his siblings. Adonia is hopeful to find his forever home in the country. He would consider the city, but is worried that living in the city again would not be the best choice for him at this time. Adonia is legally free.