Child Details
CHILD # 84077
MEET Aidan
Aidan is a very active boy who is full of energy. Aidan is very friendly, polite, and well mannered. He loves to run and play outside. Aidan likes superheroes and likes play superhero by to wear a mask and the cape. Aidan also enjoys playing with his Hot Wheel cars. He enjoys playing games and puzzles on the iPad. Aidan is able to dress himself, he cares about his appearance, and makes sure his clothes are just right. He will ask if he looks handsome. Aidan is capable of getting along with others in his peer group as well as others outside his peer group. When needed he accepts redirection and is able to learn from his mistakes given the opportunity. Aidan is very intelligent and he can hold a conversation well. He will also ask questions. Aidan does not have a problem expressing himself verbally. He is a good eater and he has a good appetite. He will eat almost anything you prepare for him. Aidan also sleeps well throughout the night.