Child Details
CHILD # 87425
MEET Angel
Angel is a jovial and warm child. He likes to go outdoors in his backyard and loves cats and dogs. Angel enjoys playing with various toys such as trucks, toys that light up or play music, and especially with balls. Angel also loves to color. He likes to play with other children his age, though at times he needs reminders to share. Angel is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and tetraplegia which affect his speech and mobility. He uses a wheelchair for mobility. Through supportive services, Angel has made great improvement with his conditions and it is hoped he will continue to make strides. He understands verbal information given to him and his vocabulary is expanding. Angel can also be calmed down and redirected through reassuring and positive attitudes. Angel especially likes to be around his caregivers and family, he enjoys being the center of attention, though he can also be a bit shy when getting to know someone new. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.