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AGE 11
MEET Angela
Theresa has long brown hair and big brown eyes. She is Mexican/American, and although she does not speak Spanish, Theresa identifies with the Spanish culture through music and food. She especially loves the beat and the tempo of Spanish music and her favorite Mexican dish is tamales. Theresa also enjoys dancing and she even participated and won a dance contest in her middle school. Christianity and religion are very important to Theresa and something she wants to continue to explore. Theresa says she has a laid-back personality; she likes spending time with her friends, but she also likes having her alone time, too. She makes friends easily and expects them to be loyal and honest as that is how she treats people as well. Theresa considers herself to be an average student who prefers the social aspect of school to the academic, although she does enjoy her science class. She is considering joining her school's soccer team. She enjoys watching professional soccer and watching the Philadelphia Eagles; she believes they will win the Super Bowl again this year. Theresa loves the rural/suburban area of her current foster home and enjoys having numerous pets. Angela has long brown hair and brown eyes, and wears glasses. She describes herself as friendly, happy, loving, quiet in public, but outgoing in the home, generous and beautiful. She said she is a Mexican/American who speaks and understands some Spanish and loves the Spanish culture. The favorite thing she likes most about herself is her creativity. Angela enjoys making her own jewelry, drawing and any type of arts and crafts project. She currently lives in the country with a house full of dogs and cats and a yard filled with chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, a horse and a donkey. Someday she thinks she would like to live in the city, but would love to have 1 dog and 2 cats living with her. Angela wants you to know she is very responsible for her age and feeds all of the outdoor animals on a daily basis. Attending church is important to Angela and she enjoys going to youth group to learn about Jesus. She does well in school and especially loves Science class because of the experiments. She said her teachers describe her as being a good helper. Her goal is to become a Science teacher and help her students find a love for learning. Angela prefers having a few really good friends and believes she is a leader amongst her peers. She is thinking about joining her school's cheerleading team because she is interested in going to football games and dancing, but does not want to be thrown in the air! Other important things to know about Angela: she loves the color HOT pink, enjoys watching movies, listening to music, cheering for the EAGLES and prefers coloring to reading. She also loves dessert, especially brownies, cake and hot fudge sundaes. It is important to Theresa and Angela to remain in the same home together and they would love to maintain some type of contact with their mother. Theresa and Angela are not yet legally free for adoption.


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