Child Details
AGE 20
MEET Anthony
Meet Anthony, a young man who says, “Family means acceptance and being accepted. I want a family who will celebrate my successes and will support me through bad times. It is important to have someone who will always have your back, even if you make a mistake.” Anthony is a handsome and talented young man who is very engaging and has a friendly and outgoing personality. He is a member of the youth advisory board and is a peer mentor at a group home he previously resided in. He speaks three languages including English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Like a typical teenager, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, hanging with friends, and he loves to get lost in a good book! He has set high expectations for himself for his future and would like to find a family to support him and help him achieve his goals. He also has a passion for music and the arts. He enjoys playing guitar and singing. He shares, “Playing guitar is peaceful for me and helps me relax when I'm upset or stressed out.” He recently toured a guitar company, where he learned about the history of guitars. Additionally, Anthony is a dedicated worker at his fulltime job at a local grocery store. He enjoys seeing his customers every day and building camaraderie with them. Anthony is also very motivated and has many goals for himself, including obtaining a master's degree. “I want to be a therapist so I can help people like I was helped; I want to pay it forward.” Anthony would greatly benefit from the support of a forever family to help him through the process of touring college campuses and applying to be a college student. Even though he is looking toward college, he desires a forever family who will provide him with a loving home when he is home for the holidays and other college breaks. He is open to a variety of family dynamics, but has expressed an interest in having two parents, with a father. He has a younger sister. He would like to maintain contact with his sister and with other family members and friends. Placement with children his same age would be the most appropriate setting. One final word from Anthony, “Adoption is love. Blood doesn't make a family. We are all family and should love one another.” Anthony is not yet legally free for adoption, however once an adoptive resource is identified, termination of parental rights will be pursued. For more information on Anthony, contact his recruiter, Helene Kosciolek, at Here is a Video of Anthony.