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AGE 10
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Ariel, Giselle, and Jasmine are three adorable sisters in need of permanency. Ariel, the oldest of the trio, is quite the helper in the home. She loves learning to cook and will assist with chores without being asked. Ariel is a friendly and polite girl. She is very well-spoken and is always courteous of others. Ariel is doing well in school. Giselle is a well-mannered young girl. Though not quite as enthusiastic about chores, she is just as polite as her older sister, using “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Excuse me” regularly. Although she can be difficult to understand, she is patient with her listeners and will repeat words and phrases when asked. Giselle is performing on grade level in school, but she does need some prompting to remain focused when completing her homework. Jasmine is an energetic little girl who can be quite shy and reserved, especially when meeting new people. She loves attending pre-school where she enjoys learning and spending time with her new friends. Jasmine has made progress in her verbal communications, but also has her own way of communicating her wants and needs. Ariel, Giselle, and Jasmine are three wonderful little girls who are looking for their forever family. The girls are generally well-behaved. They have developed positive and meaningful relationships with their foster family and extended foster family. These three princesses will do well with any family composition. It will be beneficial for them to remain in contact with three other siblings, birth family members, and their current foster family. These adorable "princesses" are wishing upon a star for reunification. And, we all know that dreams can come true, but in the event reunification cannot occur, families are being sought who would like the girls to live with them happily ever after in their castle. So whether the family lives far, far away (in a whole new world) or somewhere under the sea, if they'd like to say "Be our guest" to these girls, please contact their worker for more information. Ariel, Giselle, and Jasmine are not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.


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