Child Details
AGE 19
MEET Ashley
Meet Ashley, a friendly and sweet young lady who can by a bit shy and nervous around new people. Once she gets to know you, she opens up and is more talkative and excited. She wants others to know that she's usually in a happy mood. She enjoys listening to music, swimming, and riding her bicycle. She prefers to be on the move, and dislikes activities that require sitting for long periods of time. She enjoys seeing new places. Within the past year, she's gone camping, swimming in the ocean, and traveled to Michigan. She loved these new experiences and dreams of going to Disneyland some day. Ashley's proud that she's learned to complete hygiene tasks independently and how to hold her breath underwater. She's also proud of her A's and B's on her report cards. Her foster mother said one of her best qualities is that she's very helpful. Ashley loves celebrities such as Austin Mahone and Hunter Hays, as well as watching the movies “Frozen” and “Shrek.” Her favorite color is purple and her favorite foods are meatloaf, tacos, hot dogs, and hamburgers. She wants to learn to cook spaghetti and pizza. Ashley needs a calm, patient, experienced family who are willing to learn and engage in her needed services as well as being committed to her care for the rest of her life. She does have some medical needs that need monitoring. Ashley has made a lot of progress in her current foster home as she has responded well to consistency and structure. She tends to respond best to calm redirection that encourages her to separate herself when upset as well as positive reinforcement strategies. She interacts well with others around her own age, but struggles with children who are much younger than her. She has meaningful relationships with her siblings, nieces and nephew, and it's important that she is able to maintain a relationship with them. Ashley is not yet legally free for adoption; however, once a resource is identified, the county will pursue termination of parental rights. For more information about her, please contact her recruiter, Amanda, at