Child Details
AGE 11
CHILD # 76000
MEET Audrina
Audrina is a cheerful youth who enjoys interactions with others. She loves it when people talk to her. Audrina laughs and coo’s in response to attention she gets from people. She loves to laugh. Things that make her laugh include people pretending to get hurt and playing a form of peek-a-boo where she follows a person’s voice around the room. She enjoys observing others around her. She is a girly girl and likes to wear pretty dresses and loves shoes. However, she does not like when people wear hats and she does not like when things are close to her face. Audrina likes to have her nails and toes painted. Audrina is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She is non-verbal and eats via a G-tube as she is unable to eat regular foods. Audrina attends life skills classes in school with her nurse and loves to go. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.