Child Details
AGE 16
CHILD # 103789345
MEET Bella
Bella is a beautiful young lady inside and out. She is a vibrant, sweet and friendly girl who is quite creative. She enjoys doing make up, drawing cartoons and painting. She hopes to be a makeup artist someday. Bella is also in the school band and plays the French horn. Just like most teenagers, Bella enjoys spending time with her friends. Bella likes listening to all kinds of music however her favorite music is pop and rap. Her favorite food is pasta. Bella gets a lot of comfort from stuffed animals and loves everything Hello Kitty. Bella also loves animals and would like an emotional support dog someday. Bella needs to know she is an important part of a family. Bella is open to being adopted and is seeking a supportive family that will allow her to be a typical teenager. She would like a fun family that goes places and has family dinners together. Bella is a 15 year old girl that has experienced a lot of disappointment and is in the process of rebuilding trust in the world around her. A loving family that will accept Bella for who she is and help her reach her potential is needed. Bella will do best in a family where there is a nurturing and attentive mother who follows through with any promises made. Bella also needs family that will help her maintain the biological connections that are important to her.