Child Details
AGE 16
MEET Bella
“Team Edward, of course!” Just like the heroine from Twilight, Bella has resilience and is a survivor. Her carefree approach to life and easy smile, are difficult to resist. Bella has a genuinely sweet attitude that attracts others to her. Bella is a “girly girl” who enjoys makeup and clothes. Bella does have a serious side and tries to do her best at school. Bella is excited about trying out for her school's basketball team. Bella says that school can be hard, but she has lots of people to help her. Bella would like to live in a rural setting where she can have lots of pets, especially a dog and a cat. Bella says she needs a family who won't give up on her when she makes mistakes. She is excited to be adopted and thinks having a sister would be great. Bella would do well with a single mother. Bella's adoptive family should be committed to helping her develop into a strong, capable, self-assured young woman. They should also be willing to help her navigate the educational, career, and personal choices that she will face as she moves toward adulthood. Bella is not legally free. For more information on Bella, please contact Angie Best via email at