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AGE 19
MEET Bradly
Meet Bradly! “My name is Bradly. I'm funny and cool to hang out with. I am athletic and I get good grades at school. I hope to someday get a job working with my hands. I like to play video games and watch television. I am looking for a family that is athletic and that goes out a lot, a family that does a lot of things together. I would like a family that will be understanding of how I sometimes react to things. A family that I can talk to whenever I'm upset. One who can understand that I have issues and stick with me anyways. I want a family that will not tell me that they will “never ever give up on me” and then give up on me anyway.” Bradly is a very active young man who enjoys playing a variety of sports, including baseball and basketball. He also enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, riding his bike, and participating in barbecues. Not surprisingly, some of his favorite foods are hotdogs and hamburgers! Bradly is self admittedly a “junk food junkie” and loves any and all kinds of snacks. His favorite meal to eat out would be KFC. He's not too fond of eating vegetables and is somewhat picky with his food at times; for example, he absolutely cannot eat bananas if they have even the slightest bit of brown spots! When he's not hanging out outside, he likes to play video games and watch television in his spare time. His favorite shows include The Family Guy and American Dad. It is really important to Bradly that a family is active - where playing sports together and going places together happens a lot. He wants a family who will be involved in his activities and will enjoy playing video games with him too. He is looking forward to things like having family movie night. But “the most important thing”, he says, “is that a family should just be together.” Bradly responds well to a structured home environment and would do well in a home where he is the youngest or only child. Bradly is a little nervous about having older brothers because he's been teased in the past. He's ok with older sisters because sisters will “usually just kid around or take you shopping”. He has made significant progress in learning to build positive relationships and responds well to consistent, loving boundaries as well as positive attention from parental figures. It is important for Bradly to have positive reinforcement for his accomplishments and for him to receive consistent and clear expectations. Bradly is legally free for adoption and anxiously awaits his forever family. To learn more about this exuberant young man, contact recruiter Kristi at