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AGE 12
CHILD # 101157679
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Briahna is an eleven year old happy child with dark blond hair. She is outgoing, not afraid to express her opinion, loves attention and loves to be with her siblings. She has a robust personality, a flair for drama and a huge smile. She aspires to be an actress when she grows up. She aspires to be on The Voice but is not sure what song she will sing, yet. She will be noticed in a crowd, as she is outgoing, friendly and can be silly! She would like to be "queen of the house"! There are times when Briahna can be disruptive when she does not get her way. She attends the 4th grade in mainstream classes. She is diagnosed with PTSD and takes Fluoxetine and Guanfacine. She is in weekly counseling. She loves to go to Buffalo's for wings! She loves gymnastics and playing with her brother. Briahna wants everyone to know that she and her siblings need to be together. She is close with her siblings and finds comfort in just sitting with Kenneth (KJ). She wants the family to have a "bunny". A family for Brianna and her siblings would be trained and knowledgeable of children who have experienced trauma. They would be giving, guiding and coaching the children on positive ways and benefits of making and achieving good choices and goals. The family would believe in rewarding good behavior and established consequences for undesired behavior. They would understand the stability of practicing positive parenting skills that include setting limitations, establishing boundaries and maintaining flexibility to adapt should circumstances arise. The family would be willing to accept the wonderful qualities and cohesiveness of the bond this sibling group has, while being open to the challenges for growth.


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