Child Details
AGE 17
CHILD # 88244
MEET Carlos
Carlos is an outgoing, spunky youth who enjoys wresting and can't wait to start the new year on the varsity team! He is helpful with his peers and helps with chores at home as well. Carlos is an independent youth who, like many teens, occasionally needs a reminder to finish tasks. He is very close with two of his friends, but he enjoys having some alone time as well. Carlos spends most of his days playing video games and drawing anime, as he has a passion for drawing and creating cartoons. He is discovering his skills as a DJ and hopes to play at local and school events in the future. Carlos enjoys skateboarding on his long and short boards with his friends at the skate park. He loves Mexican cuisine such as taquitos, charro beans, enchiladas, rice, and flour tortillas. He would like to learn how to cook meals for his family. Carlos has a unique hair style which he feels shows off his personality. He plans to finish high school and attend college. Carlos is a very tech savvy youth who likes to help others learn how to use devices.