Child Details
AGE 14
CHILD # 79874
MEET Cherman
Cherman is sweet, respectful, and polite child. He enjoys electronics, playing video games, and watching television. He likes basketball, running, and exercising. His favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers. He enjoys listening to music, reading wrestling magazines, Legos, and watching videos. Cherman can be very competitive, especially with younger children, and will often need to take a break. He is easily redirected and sometimes required reminders of daily chores and tasks. He is quite social and enjoys subjects at school including math, science, and reading. Cherman has no problem stating his opinion. And just like other boys his age, he can make a story as interesting as possible, even if it’s not all true. These days Cherman has a big interest in girls and they are beginning to notice him too. He is very affectionate at times and desires a loving family to adopt him.