Child Details
AGE 10
MEET Christian
Christian is a cheerful and friendly boy with a smile that can light up a room. He enjoys going to school, playing outside, coloring, and music. Christian loves stuffed animals, playing and building with blocks, light up toys, and going outside to the playground. He attends school in a supportive classroom and has a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) and a Bus Aid to help him throughout the school day. Christian is on the Autism Spectrum and is non-verbal but will make noises to express his feelings. He thrives on consistency and can take time to adjust to a new structure but will acclimate with time. Christian is quick to pick up new things and often wants to try things out for himself. He benefits from hand over hand instruction when completing daily tasks such as getting dressed. Christian has maintained contact with his siblings and his grandmother who he visits on a regular basis. He is happy when he is going to visit family and continues to remain happy after he returns home. Christian needs a supportive and committed forever family who can provide him with structure and be an advocate for him throughout his lifetime. He should maintain contact with his siblings and grandmother. Christian has done well with older siblings who have been caring and supportive of him. Christian is legally free for adoption.