Child Details
AGE 11
MEET Christian
Christian is an energetic boy with a smile that can light up a room. Christian enjoys meeting new people though he can be very shy. Christian loves to release all his extra energy by going outside to the playground and building with blocks. Christian is able to easily self-entertain himself and enjoys playing with various tactile items, though his favorite items are string and anything soft. Christian feeds off consistent encouragement and a structured routine. With consistent hand over hand instruction, he is quick to pick up new things and will often want to try for himself. When frustrated, he is often able to calm down by listening to music or playing with his favorite stuffed animal and musical toys. Christian enjoys going for long car rides where he can listen to music and look out the windows. Christian is able to make sounds in order to express his feelings and use body language to express his wants and needs. Christian maneuvers extremely well and is able to walk, run and jump. He gets excited to attend his highly structured classroom setting where he has gotten into a routine with the supportive adults around him. Christian desires to have a caring and nurturing forever family. Christian needs a supportive and committed forever family who can provide him with structure and be an advocate for him throughout his lifetime. Christian is legally free for adoption.