Child Details
AGE 15
CHILD # 76220
MEET Christopher
Christopher is very outgoing and has a welcoming attitude. He is friendly and smiles often. Although Christopher can be a bit reserved, he enjoys talking with his peers and other important adults in his life. He has a good attitude about trying things and is willing to work hard. He likes to play with his brothers as well as other children his age. Christopher likes to play video games on his Nintendo DS and listen to music on his IPod. He likes to get out of the house and be involved in activities. His favorite hobbies are singing, dancing, and art. He has taken an interest in cooking and enjoys his home economics class at school. He's been very excited to share what he's learned how to cook. Christopher generally maintains an upbeat mood. He has a positive view of other children and enjoys having friends. Christopher is a quiet, polite, and well-mannered youth who is obedient and eager to please. He enjoys playing indoors or outdoors. Christopher enjoys school and does well academically. He tries really hard to keep up his good grades and behaviors at school. He usually makes straight As and has made the honor roll quite a few times.