Child Details
AGE 12
MEET Damian
Hi, my name is Damian, and I'm a real Jedi! I am fascinated with all things related to Star Wars. If I was in the movie, I would like to be Luke Skywalker because he is AWESOME! I am kind of like Luke Skywalker because I am brave, trustworthy, pleasant, and finally, I am friendly! As a Jedi, if I had a whole day to myself, to do whatever I wanted, I would play video games such as Batman 3 on the Xbox 360. I would also watch Star Wars, of course. During the movie, I would eat my favorite snacks, Hershey bars. For dinner, I would have plenty of cheesy pizza and pop, specifically Pepsi. I don't care for a lot of candy because I can get a stomach ache, but I am OBSESSED with Legos, and a family who likes to build Legos is PERFECT for me! The ideal family for me would look like this: a mom, a dad, and a dog, preferably a Great Dane, if possible. I love them because they are “so big” and they slobber. If I had a choice, I would live in the city because there is lots of stuff to do there. I would prefer a family with an older brother so I have someone to look out for me and have fun with. Parental rights have been terminated for Damian. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Christopher Moyher, via telephone or email