Child Details
AGE 14
MEET David
David is a teenage boy with brown hair and brown eyes. David has an easy-going personality. He enjoys arts and crafts, including coloring and drawing. David enjoys playing video games with his friends and board games, such as Mancala and Pass the Pigs. David's favorite foods and drinks are bacon pizza, corn dogs, root beer and coconut water. He does not like fish! He loves animals and has hopes of being in a home with dogs, cats or horses. David is a Steelers fan. He also enjoys crocheting. David's favorite colors are blue and green. David is ready to join his forever family! He would like a family who will support him, teach him new things, and be there when he needs to talk about his feelings. David is hoping to do outdoor activities, go shopping, celebrate holidays and watch movies with his new family. He likes to be helpful and is willing to do chores around the house. David would be best with two parents or a single parent with a good support system. He is ready to be the center of attention, so being the youngest in the family would be best. David is legally free for adoption.