Child Details
AGE 13
CHILD # 83977
MEET Daylon
Daylon is a kind and very caring youth who enjoys spending time with those for whom he cares. He loves anything outdoors, including sports, swimming, and any other outdoor activities. Daylon’s favorite sport is basketball and he loves to play football as well. He enjoys water balloons, camping, traveling, and being adventurous. Daylon is very friendly and can be very polite. He enjoys meeting new people and enjoys talking about activities that interest him. Daylon has a big heart and enjoys making those he cares about happy. While he loves the outdoors, Daylon also enjoys electronics, movies, and playing games. He looks forward to movie and game nights with a family who he can be himself around. At times, Daylon can struggle with expressing his emotions and can become verbal towards those around him. He is working towards expressing himself through open and positive communication. Daylon can be a very helpful and resourceful youth. He is able and willing to open up and build strong bonds with those he loves. He is outgoing, enjoys exploring his interests, building things with his hands, loves animals, and having fun with those for whom he cares. When he grows up, Daylon dreams of becoming an engineer.