Child Details
AGE 10
Hi I'm Dean. I'm generally a shy person, but once I really get to know you and talk to you, I am really funny. I enjoy making silly jokes and laughing at even sillier jokes. I also love to talk about video games and cell phones. I can make the coolest cell phones with markers and papers and I love to carry them in my pocket, so I can show you what I made. I'm very creative with cardboard boxes as well and will create television and Xbox out of them. What I would enjoy more than anything is to have a family who enjoys videos games as much as I do. I'm looking for a family who has older children or where I'm the only child. I would love to live in a home with an outside area where I can explore for hours. I do like interacting with animals, but I do not have much experience with them. I would like a family who is willing to be patient with me when I'm learning about the rules. I enjoy having a structured environment and having a routine to follow. This routine will help me be successful. A one or two parent family is okay, but I don't have much experience with interacting with male role models. I look forward to learning from you and sharing my knowledge of technology with you and your family. Dean is not legally free for adoption.