Child Details
AGE 12
CHILD # 82959
MEET Denver
Denver likes to laugh and be silly. He can also be mischievous. When frustrated he uses physically activity as an outlet, even though he says he's not too good at sports. He loves to participate in all sports and his happiness comes from outdoor activities. Denver's struggles with academics but admits he doesn't try hard to get his work done. He feels threatened with people who talk about his family and at times becomes quarrelsome if he feels like he's being judged. Denver is easily redirected and does well when he has a routine and not much idle time. He bonds well to people, but expects them to leave. He is a wonderful artist and spends a lot of his time drawing. He will detaches himself from others to calm down and this detachment often includes some type of art creations. Denver does well in a home with other male children who are ready for a brother to make memories with. He would love to be a big brother.