Child Details
AGE 16
MEET Devon
Meet Devon, an intelligent young man with a charismatic smile! He loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Although he sometimes comes across as quiet and shy when you first meet him, as you get to know him he becomes more talkative and open about himself. He loves going swimming and taking adventurous excursions (he said he'd really like to visit Hawaii and explore volcanos there!). He enjoys doing various outdoor activities such as football, baseball, and soccer. He also LOVES being around, and is good with, animals of all kinds. His favorite food is shrimp. He loves to read and often reads two books simultaneously. He's bright and is doing well in school. He enjoys attending church and has a close relationship with his spiritual advisor. Devon would like to be a residential staff worker when he grows up because he thinks it would be fun and gratifying to work with kids and help them through hard times. Because he sometimes has difficulty trusting adults, he may need a slow transition into your home. He's recently been connected with some biological family members and it's important to him to be able to maintain some contact with them. Devon is legally free for adoption. For more information about this amazing young man, please contact his recruiter, Kristi, at