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AGE 14
CHILD # 82560
MEET Elizabeth
Elizabeth, who goes by Libby, is very artist, outgoing, and loves outdoor activities. She specifically likes to draw and paint. Libby was able to play on the rugby team and excelled at that. She enjoys reading sci-fi novels and reports that her current favorite book is Cinder. Right now, she aspires to either be a marine biologist or a cosmetologist. Libby tends to attach to adults quickly and is very eager to be adopted. She has times of sadness and does will with individuals who are understanding. She participates in supportive services. Libby is a very smart, self-aware child. Libby likes to express herself through wild hair styles or bold color glasses. She does well in school and is a very social teenager. She makes friends effortlessly and describes liking to make people laugh. Libby enjoys sarcasm and jokes about how it’s her second language. She has the desire to learn a new language and has shown interest in Spanish. Libby is a very independent child and likes to be able to make decisions for herself but she is willing to talk over what she wants and will compromise.


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