Child Details
AGE 16
CHILD # 83877
Erin is a talkative, studious, and intelligent youth. She absolutely loves reading Manga and is fan of Anime. Erin often reads multiple books at once and will read for hours. She loves listening to music, playing on the tablet, and watching scary movies. She is passionate about excelling at school and devotes a great deal of time to studying. She is an honor roll student at school and is a manager of her school's soccer team. Erin is a well-mannered youth and is rarely in trouble. She loves to please her caregivers and is easily redirected when needed. She is outspoken about her desires and can be very persuasive. Erin is compassionate about other people and sensitive to their needs. She loves perfection but can often be overcritical of herself at times which causes her some stress. Erin is extremely sensitive to being rejected or failing. She can be an introvert at times but is eager to have a family who will encourage her to spend family time with them. Erin is excited about the possibility of being adopted and having a forever family.