Child Details
AGE 16
CHILD # 83879
MEET Hector
Hector is a sweet youth who loves to run and be outside. Those who know Hector describe him as fun and adorable! He enjoys playing basketball, swinging on the swing-set, and watching TV. His favorite toys are those that light up. When presented with a new toy, he loves figuring out how to make it work and play music. Hector likes to take short walking trips around his neighborhood. He loves going to school. All of his teachers and providers constantly report what a joy he is to work with and how much love he has to give. He is a great listener and enjoys the attention he receives from adults. Hector is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He has made great strides and is growing stronger day by day. Hector has learned to do some things on his own, like walking on his own and putting his shoes on. Hector continues to make progress with his speech and other activities of daily living. Hector primarily communicates by using non-verbal cues. He is capable of saying a handful of words and communicating with a few signs when he needs to eat, sleep, or if he wants something. He has a special diet and needs assistance feeding. Hector receives speech, physical, and occupational therapy.