Child Details
AGE 16
CHILD # 82415
MEET Izabella
Izabella, who goes by Izzie, is a social and friendly youth upon first meeting. Izzie smart but at times still has some immature moments. Izzie has been accustomed to looking out for herself so she has had to grow up way too fast, therefore missing out on her opportunity to be a child. Izzie likes to be in charge and has strong leadership qualities, which need to be encouraged and shaped for the positive. She is able to process through her behaviors when she wants to and can identify her strengths and weaknesses. Izzie is adorable, fun, likes to be challenged, and is a little bit of a risk taker. She loves fashion, music, animals, and drawing and coloring. Izzie enjoys taking on certain tasks around the home and enjoys helping out. She connects well with animals and is very loving towards them. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.