Child Details
AGE 12
CHILD # 88587
MEET Jaheim
Jaheim is a lively and very energetic child. He loves to go to the zoo and ride on the train. Jaheim loves to play in water. He eats all types of food, with his favorite fast food restaurant being McDonald's. Jaheim is not a picky eater and loves fruits, vegetables, pickles, and any variety of food. Jaheim enjoys outdoor activities such as going to the park, walking, and running. He is a fast runner and will get away in a blink of an eye. Jaheim likes to play by taking something from someone and running away as fast as possible. He also enjoys playing in the backyard with the other children. His favorite TV show is the Mickey Mouse Club House. Jaheim is learning how to express himself and form complete sentences. He is working on socializing with peers, and does very well in a small group setting. Jaheim can be sweet, affectionate and helpful. He enjoys being the teacher's helper and helping out in the home with certain tasks. Jaheim also enjoys walks to the mailbox to help get the mail.