Child Details
AGE 11
MEET Jaidyn
Jaidyn is a polite, soft-spoken guy, with a slight build, and one unruly curl. He likes playing video games, building Lego creations, and using fidget spinners. If given the opportunity, he would like to play outside, go camping and fishing, and maybe even ride a 4-wheeler. Black is his favorite color, and he is a proud member of the Steeler nation! As you may have guessed, Pokemon is also a favorite. In particular, Jaidyn loves Mega Charazard X! Jaidyn enjoys spending one on one time with adults. Putting puzzles together is a good past time, along with making origami. Jaidyn has proven to be a patient instructor when showing others how to fold origami. Jaidyn admits that he struggles with knowing how to interact with kids his own age, so he is looking for a forever family who will be patient as he learns to make solid friendships. He would also like a family who is open to keeping a connection with a previous foster family with whom he is very bonded. Although all families will be considered, Jaidyn would do best in a family where he can receive an abundance of individual attention and instruction, and where he is the only child his age. Jaidyn is legally free for adoption. For more information on Jaidyn, please contact the SWAN Helpline at 800-585-7926.