Child Details
AGE 14
CHILD # 86357
MEET Jaslynn
Jaslynn is a smart and athletic youth looking to meet her forever family! Jaslynn has a kind heart and enjoys helping those around her. She loves being outside, playing basketball, running track, and gymnastics. When she’s not active outdoors, Jaslynn enjoys shopping and spending time in the kitchen cooking a favorite meal. She also enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and collecting her favorite tennis shoes. Jaslynn is soft spoken and shy upon first meeting. She is bright and enjoys socializing with her peers. Jaslynn truly likes spending quality time with friends and those she cares about. She goes out of her way to assist or be there for someone close to her. Jaslynn is continuing to practice open and positive communication. She is strong minded and independent. She is a child who craves attention, although she enjoys giving others her attention as well. Jaslynn enjoys being around other children but likes spending time alone too. She is responsive to encouragement and positive redirection. She has an understanding, polite, and friendly personality to those she cares for. Jaslynn desires to be a part of a nice and loving family who can provide her with a sense of belonging. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.