Child Details
CHILD # 101331705
MEET Jayden
Jayden is an intelligent, artistic, sweet child who enjoys swimming, playing outside, and playing games. He is also very creative and likes to draw and sing. Jayden is proud that he is very good with sharing and is kind. Once he knows you, be prepared - he will leap into your arms for a great big hug! Jayden is in good physical health and has an enormous amount of energy; he will definitely help you get your exercise. Jayden learns new concepts easily, and he would like your help in overcoming some challenges with focus, attention span, sitting still, and concentrating so he can do better in school. Jayden is not shy about asking for what he wants, and his vocabulary may surprise you. He would benefit from parents who can model good social judgement and support him in managing his emotional and physical responses to frustration. He is also quite clever and will keep you on your toes. He expects his parents to be very involved in partnering with school and other services, and in providing recreational outlets. Jayden has a strong bond with his maternal grandmother and two brothers and is looking for an adoptive family that will be committed to maintaining his familial connections. He is looking for parents with hands-on experience with special needs children and will thrive in an environment with structure, boundaries, consistency, and clear expectations. He wants his parents to be smart, strong, involved, and loving, and to give him a lot of positive attention. Jayden may do better in a two-parent family, due to the significant time and attention required to meet his needs, and would benefit from a strong male role model in his life. Jayden would like to be an only child or have older sibling with a significant age difference. In a loving and supportive environment, Jayden has unlimited potential to grow into an amazing young man.