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AGE 15
CHILD # 80724
MEET Jeremiah
Jeremiah is a happy and quiet child. He enjoys being outdoors and he likes to play baseball, football, and basketball. Jeremiah is interested in collecting shoes and stated he would like a pair of Nikes or Air Jordan's. He likes to play with Legos and has stated he is great at building objects with them. Jeremiah enjoys listening to music and he particularly likes to listen to Tejano and Norteno music. His favorite Tejano musicians/bands are Los Palominos and Los Tucanes de Tijuana. He likes to listen to the older Tejano music and has stated he also likes Los Tigeres del Norte. Jeremiah is a big fan of pizza and tacos. He likes to watch television when he is not playing outside or listening to Tejano music. He likes to watch comedy shows, such as "Walk the Prank." He also likes shows on the Disney channel. Jeremiah does well with redirection at school and at home, as it helps him achieve certain tasks. He thrives best academically with one-on-one attention at home. Jeremiah participates in an educational program at school to assist in his learning. His favorite subject in school is math. Jeremiah has an interest in studying engineering or technology at Texas A&M when he grows up. He aspires to play for the San Antonio Spurs one day.


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