Child Details
AGE 17
CHILD # 77911
MEET Jordan
Jordan is a unique youth who enjoys spending time with people whom he trusts. He is very intelligent but sometimes requires motivation to stay focused on his work. Jordan enjoys video games, Japanese anime, comics, reading and relaxing at home. Jordan has become more introverted in social situations and needs encouragement and modeling to engage socially. He prefers a calm, quiet home environment. Jordan is great at problem solving and is very inquisitive. He can get overly excited and upset at times and requires space and time to calm down. Jordan is able to accept consequences for his actions. He enjoys becoming increasingly responsible and can be very helpful around the home. Jordan is insightful and is becoming more aware of how to be a healthier person. He has a unique and sometimes bright style of dressing. Jordan enjoys joking and has a quick wit. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.