Child Details
AGE 19
MEET Joseph
Joseph is described by all who meet him as unfailingly friendly and kind. He is very social and likes to be around other people. He gets along very well with peers and adults and always remembers people he has met before. It is impossible to meet him and not become a huge fan. Joseph LOVES sports! Basketball, football and soccer are his favorites, but he would watch or play any sport and any team! He is a fan of all Pittsburgh sports teams, but would be willing to support your team, as long as they're not playing Pittsburgh! Joseph is currently playing basketball and hopes to play football in the Fall. He is an active young man and likes to be outside and busy. While he has his favorite activities, he'd be willing to try anything new, especially if you do it with him. School is a real strength for Joseph. He enjoys going to school, and like everywhere else he goes, the students and teachers like having him there! He is in a life skills classroom, and part of his day is focused on learning food preparation skills as part of a food service program. Joseph does have some speech challenges, but is easy to understand with a little extra listening. Joseph is very talkative and loves to chat and tell stories, so you will get plenty of practice! He is easy to spend time with and talk to! Joseph really wants to be with a family and is ready to be in a family. He is open to any family type, and would do well with a family who will check in and chat with him about his day. He enjoys going to church and would be open to a family who attends services. Joseph would do well with teenage siblings who would be positive influences on him. Joseph is not yet free for adoption. If you are interested in learning more about Joseph, please have your family worker contact his recruiter, Helene, at