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AGE 10
CHILD # 101157676
MEET Kenneth
Kenneth (KJ) as he is known to everyone is a bright, smiling 9 year old male. He is the youngest of his sibling group. He has dark blonde hair and fair skin. He is happy, friendly, and loves to be with his siblings and play with them. He loves playing on his new scooter, remote cars and fidget spinners. His sister Linda describes him as loving and caring for others. He attends the 4th grade and has an IEP with accommodations being extra test time. He does not like to do homework. He aspires to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up. He has some behavioral issues in school that are currently being addressed at school. KJ is diagnosed with ADHD and takes Adderall. He receives weekly therapy at the group home. It is very important to KJ that he and his sisters find a family where they will live forever together. He wants the family to have a dog. A family for KJ and his siblings would be trained and knowledgeable of children who have experienced trauma. They would be giving, guiding and coaching the children on positive ways and benefits of making and achieving good choices and goals. The family would believe in rewarding good behavior and established consequences for undesired behavior. They would understand the stability of practicing positive parenting skills that include setting limitations, establishing boundaries and maintaining flexibility to adapt should circumstances arise. The family would be willing to accept the wonderful qualities and cohesiveness of the bond this sibling group has, while being open to the challenges for growth.


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