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AGE 14
CHILD # 101157677
MEET Linda
Linda is a beautiful 13 year old teenager. She has long dark blond hair. She is happy, friendly, and loves to be with her siblings. They share a close bond and love spending time together. She aspires to be a Basketball star when she gets older. Linda describes herself as quiet, funny and sometimes moody. Linda is a very sweet and loving teenager; she is quiet and shy but also active and funny. She is an all around nice person! Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is pizza, chicken wings and French fries! She is interested in Basketball, Judo and chorus. Her favorite book is Harry Potter. Linda has excellent drawing skills and loves to draw. Linda likes to sing pop music and all kinds of music. She likes to play board games and have fun. She enjoys watching movies with her brother and sister. She eats and sleeps well; she receives speech therapy as she has some difficulty with the letter "s". She has therapy one time per week at Pathways. She takes no medications. She is earns "A's" in school and recently brought her science grade up to an "A"! Linda will need a family who is willing and able to consider adopting her and her two siblings, Briahna and KJ. It is very important to her that she and her siblings remain together she also would like the family to have a cat! She would also like the family to give her a cell phone. A family that is ready and willing to understand and learn about Linda and her siblings in needed. A family with experience raising special needs children would be optimally suited for Linda and her siblings. Linda currently lives in a group home with foster siblings and will have no difficulty integrating with other children. A family for Linda and her siblings would be trained and knowledgeable of children who have experienced trauma. They would be giving, guiding and coaching the children on positive ways and benefits of making and achieving good choices and goals. The family would believe in rewarding good behavior and established consequences for undesired behavior. They would understand the stability of practicing positive parenting skills that include setting limitations, establishing boundaries and maintaining flexibility to adapt should circumstances arise. The family would be willing to accept the wonderful qualities and cohesiveness of the bond this sibling group has, while being open to the challenges for growth. *Please answer the questions as fully as possible focusing on the positive aspects of the child and identifying qualities that make him/her a unique individual. This will be a wonderful help in creating a dynamic and engaging photograph of the child.


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