Child Details
AGE 10
CHILD # 82637
MEET Marcus
Marcus is a sweet and friendly child. He enjoys playing sports such as basketball and football. His dream is to play football for the University of North Carolina. When he's not outside, Marcus likes to play with Lego’s and WWE action figures. His favorite wrestlers are John Cena, The Rock, and Rey Mysterio. Marcus says he likes to eat everything, except spinach, raw broccoli, and celery sticks (without Ranch dressing). His favorite food is fried chicken. Marcus is a very intelligent child. He benefits from encouragement to apply himself in school. At times, he uses his intelligence to persuade others to see things his way. Although Marcus often appears very self-confident, he can be sensitive to criticism and sometimes gets irritated with others when criticized. Marcus tends to isolate himself until he is able to exercise appropriate coping skills. He prefers to write when he is upset.