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AGE 13
CHILD # 81056
MEET Messiah
Messiah is a sweet boy who can hold his own in a conversation. He is a youth who likes to ask questions. Messiah likes to play outside to some extent, but he gravitates more toward playing board games such as Monopoly. He likes to go out and do things such as, go out to eat at Chuck E Cheese, CiCi's Pizza, and watch a movie at the theater. Messiah tends to absorb information a little more slowly and needs instructions to be given to him in a concrete and specific manner. He needs to have someone by his side when his creative side is ignited. Messiah likes going to church and singing in the choir. He struggles in getting along with others his age at times and needs help in adjusting his behaviors, so he is able to make and keep friends. He loves basketball and jumping on the trampoline.


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