Child Details
AGE 14
CHILD # 83144
MEET Nathaniel
Nathaniel "Nate" has a great sense of humor and a hard work ethic. He likes to keep his hair trimmed. Nate is a very intelligent youth who enjoys projects, particularly hands on, which challenge him. He does especially well with science and math, and enjoys extracurricular activities at school. Nate cares for others and does well in a group of peers his age. Nate demonstrates leadership and responsibility and makes sure he finishes what he starts. In his spare time he enjoys playing with animals and using horses as a therapeutic technique for himself. Nate also really enjoys listening to music to help calm himself down and redirect himself. He can be easily upset and can get irritated at times, but is very well versed in coping mechanisms and techniques to help redirect himself. Nate gets upset if others touch him or threaten him. Nate benefits from consistency, positive praise, and encouragement.