Child Details
AGE 18
MEET Nicole
Nicole is a bright, spirited, and young lady with wisdom and creativity that goes far beyond her teenage years. She has ambitions for her future which include being able to travel and give back to her community. In her spare time, Nicole uses her creativity in her artwork and writing. She also designs and sells amazing custom painted shoes and boots. She takes pride in everything she does. Nicole does well in school and has already been accepted to college for the fall semester. She is also considering entering into the military after college. Nicole excels in school and still manages to be employed while finishing her senior year while often working full-time hours. She puts 100% of herself into everything she does. I asked Nicole, “If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?” Nicole responded, “I would change not having a family at a young age. I feel as though being a kid and growing up thinking and feeling as though you're nothing but a burden to people who don't hold responsibility for you is very painful. You feel as though you have to conform to society's expectations in order to be accepted and that is degrading. I wanted to be someone's daughter, sister, or niece and to have a platform in a space that knew my ins and outs. I wanted to belong to something. I wanted to belong to someone. I wanted to learn what ‘love' was through family and not through pain, intimacy, and abuse. I want to change my base. I do not want to have the hollow space where nothing rests be filled but to be loved and to be understood.” Nicole believes in living life to the fullest and is looking for that special family to live it with. She does well with animals and siblings, however, she would prefer to have her own room for privacy. Nicole is not yet legally free for adoption. To learn more about Nicole contact her recruiter, Heather Myers, via telephone or email at