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AGE 11
CHILD # 80077
MEET Olivia
Olivia is a very charming girl with a bubbly personality. She loves doing things typical of girls her age such as watching cartoons, playing with her Barbie dolls, and having movie night. Olivia's favorite cartoons to watch are Sponge Bob and Peppa Pig. Upon meeting Olivia, she is warm and has no problem opening up to you. She loves giving hugs and has a smile that will brighten any room. She plays well with other children, but at times, she likes to have her own way. Olivia can become sassy and outspoken. Her favorite class in school is science. Olivia's favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pizza, boudin, chicken nuggets, and etouffee. Olivia's favorite toys are Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, and her bunny rabbit. She enjoys watching soccer. Olivia's favorite activities are dancing, singing, and playing. She enjoys going on outings and going out to eat. She desires to have a successful life in the future and her future is promising provided she receives the love, nurturing, and support that every child needs. Olivia will be a wonderful addition to any family who is looking to adopt a sibling group.


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