Child Details
AGE 12
CHILD # 83557
MEET Rachel
Rachel is a sweet girl, who loves to stay active. Her activities include exercise, playing sports and drawing. Basketball, football, and kickball are her favorite. She enjoys anything adventurous. Rachel does best when she is stays busy, either helping out in the kitchen at home with baking or participating in extracurricular activities. Rachel also excels at drawing and hopes to publish a book someday. She does very well in school and loves math class and art. Rachel is likely to come home with grass stains from playing hard at recess and gym class. She is mature for her age, but she sometimes needs help with socializing with her peers. Although she at times has difficulties fitting in with her peers, once she finds a friend that she fits well with, she will attach quickly. Rachel thinks of herself as independent, but she prefers to have somebody to play with or with whom to talk. She has more difficulty being alone, as she tends to think about her past during these times. Rachel has a strong bond with her brothers, who are not part of this adoption. She has many motherly qualities and is very caring. Rachel requires patience and understanding at times, but she is also very easy to talk to and hang out with. Rachel also loves animals, it doesn't matter if it's a dog, cat, or a horse. I hope you have some tennis shoes, because Rachel is ready to play some sports against you or maybe beat you in marbles or video games. Either way, Rachel will win over your heart.