Child Details
AGE 20
MEET Sarah
Sarah is an enthusiastic and perceptive young lady. She loves engaging with others with her sense of humor and can be very conversational. Additionally, Sarah is observant and loves to watch others. Sarah also loves eating, dancing, learning and watching the weather, and is interested in fashion/clothing. She enjoys being included in activities and likes to help with cooking and cleaning. Sarah loves to listen and watch pop music videos and knows quite a bit as it relates to the pop music world. Her favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber. When her favorite songs come on, you may find her naturally bopping along. Full of smiles and laughter, Sarah has an imagination that keeps her young hearted. She loves to give her stuffed animals voices around her or say cute phrases sometimes to what's going on around her. Sarah is so easy going, sometimes she will just laugh just because the people around her are laughing. Sarah needs positive role models in her life who will be patient and understanding with her needs. She hasn't had the opportunity to be around younger children or animals so it would be best if she were an only child or the youngest of older children. Sarah likes exploring new places and does well in new environments as long as there is some structure in place. Sarah is legally free for adoption and has a CSR worker and OCMI worker to help find her a forever family. Please contact Karly Vogt at for more information.