Child Details
AGE 17
MEET Shareea
Shareea is an independent, polite, and wildly intelligent, young woman who loves school and is very proud of her excellent grades in her honors classes. In addition to school, she balances a nearly full-time job. This very busy schedule has caused her to make some sacrifices socially and educationally, but she enjoys working and making her own money and is maintaining good grades. This requires a lot of hard-work and determination which Shareea has plenty of! She likes things neat and orderly which are skills that also assist her. Her big goal is to go to college to study forensic psychology. In her free time, Shareea likes to sing and dance, especially using a karaoke machine! If you're lucky enough to see and hear this, you'll get to experience her goofy side! She considers herself to be girly and likes to dress up, do make up, and get her hair done. When it's sunny, she likes being outside and going on walks. She also likes to cook and bake and has a tendency to spend some of her hard earned money on kitchen gadgets! Shareea wants a family who understands and can connect with her. She considers herself to be Christian and would enjoy going to church. She would prefer a family where she could either be an only child or the older sister of a much younger child, but she is open to other family dynamics. Most importantly, she's beginning to develop a relationship with some of her birth family members so any family considering Shareea MUST be willing to allow healthy contact with her birth family. Shareea is legally free for adoption. To learn more about her, please have your worker contact Katie, at