Child Details
AGE 13
MEET Stephanie
Meet Stephanie, an amazing and resilient young woman! She's adorable, has a beautiful smile, and consistently strives forward and tries her best, both in the school and home settings. People who know her well describe her as a fun and typical girl who enjoys attention from others. She's a skilled basketball player and is hopeful to be placed in a permanent family who will allow her to play for the school. She's the middle child of a sibling group of five children and as such, she has struggled with where she fits in at times. Due to her placement in the family, she especially loves when she receives individual attention from adults in her life. She enjoys everyday family activities and spending time with her family members, as she's extremely family oriented. She also loves being outdoors, playing sports, watching movies, and using her cell phone. Favorites include spicy foods such as hot wings and enjoys listening to music. She‘s described as a good student enrolled in regular education classes. Stephanie aspires to become a singer someday and would like people to know that she is funny, awesome, talented, and a Christian. Stephanie wants permanency in her life. After she achieves some form of permanency, she would like to remain in contact with her birth family members. She especially wishes to have ongoing sibling visits, as can be arranged between her siblings' respective families. She has lived with her siblings off and on over the years and has developed a close rapport with them. In fact, her county agency is willing to consider placing Stephanie and her older sister together in the same home if a family is willing to consider both of them. Stephanie is not currently free for adoption. For more information about her, please have your family worker contact Heather, at, or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.