Child Details
AGE 12
MEET Steve
Behind a mischievous grin is a bright, imaginative boy who is ready to make you laugh. Steve likes playing Minecraft Legos and is discovering that there are a lot of fun things to do outside. He loves cats and dogs and hopes that his adoptive family will have one or the other, but secretly wishes for both! Steve wants his adoptive family to know that he wants a place to be safe and although he may not act like it at times, he wants to know that he belongs and is loved. Steve would flourish in a family who can provide a firm, loving, structured environment. His family not only will need to set firm expectations for him, but also patiently and consistently enforce those expectations. They will need to allow Steve time to learn that he can trust them. Steve would do well in a home with older siblings or one in which he is the only child. Steve longs to have a dad or a mom and dad of his own. Steve is legally free for adoption. For more information, please contact his recruiter, Jill Archibald, at