Child Details
AGE 12
CHILD # 100441437
MEET Takiyah
Takiyah is a beautiful, eleven year and seven month old, African American female child with big brown eyes, black hair, and stands four feet and seven inches tall. Takiyah is described as being initially shy, sweet, observant, and has a bubbly personality when she feels comfortable. Takiyah loves to watch cartoons, color, play board games and to receive one- on- one attention from her caregiver. Takiyah's favorite characters and movies are LOL's and Zootopia. Takiyah is a good eater, but she mostly enjoys pizza, yellow rice, and tacos. At this time, there are no foods that Takiyah does not like. Takiyah begins her day at 7am, completes her morning hygiene, and leaves for school. School begins at 8am. Takiyah returns home at 3:30pm and eats dinner at 5:30pm. Takiyah completes her night time hygiene, completes her homework, and is able to watch television until her bedtime at 8:30pm. A family that would be interested in providing a forever home to Takiyah will need to possess the ability to care for her medical needs and mental health needs. A family would need to have the ability to visit with Takiyah regularly and to be able to form a strong bond with her. A family will need to have patience with Takiyah, understanding changes are sometimes hard, and she may require additional attention during this time, which may also require family therapy and relationship building techniques.