Child Details
AGE 15
MEET Tatiyana
Goal oriented, motivated, and outgoing. These are words which describe Tatiyana to a T. She prefers to be called “Tati.” Tati is a resilient teen who is focused on her goals and is proud when they are achieved. Whether it is an educational, social, or personal goal, Tati is focused on her future and able to express her desires. While Tati is very driven and focused, she enjoys being a teenager and experiencing age appropriate freedoms such as going shopping, roller skating, or attending football games with her friends. Tati would love a family who likes to spend time outdoors and would support her “goal” to play on a soccer team. She can also picture herself teaching her forever family how to make her favorite foods of pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and rice and beans! Additionally, Tati is a thrill seeker, and would love an active family who shares her interest in roller coasters or jumping around at a trampoline park! Can you see yourself buckling your seatbelt on a roller coaster with Tati by your side? Education is definitely a strength for Tati. She enjoys school, receives good grades, and is well liked by students and staff. While she is undecided about future education goals, Tati has expressed wanting to further her education beyond high school. When her schoolwork is complete, Tati curls up with a book or watches her favorite Disney Channel shows. Most of all, family is very important to Tati, whether it's finding her forever family or maintaining contact with her siblings, she understands the importance of connection. Tati enjoys the close connections she has with her siblings and hopes they will be able to preserve their sibling relationships as they go forward in life. Even though Tati enjoys the outdoors, she would prefer to experience living the city life. Tati is free for adoption. For additional information about this incredible young lady, please contact the SWAN helpline at 1.800.585.7926.