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AGE 15
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This adorable sibling group is comprised of four children: Taylor, Stephanie, Diane, and Brad. These children have a lot to offer a family. For example, they're all loving, kind, and currently residing in the same foster home! They're hopeful to find a family willing to provide permanency to all four of them while maintaining contact with their older brother. Taylor enjoys track and field, drawing, swimming, shopping, watching TV, and playing around on her cell phone and tablet computer. She hopes to become a veterinarian in the future. She wants people to know that she's cute, fancy, strong, funny, talented, a Christian, a gymnast, and intelligent. Stephanie is the middle child in this sibling group and she enjoys playing soccer, sports, watching TV, and swimming. She aspires to become a singer someday and wants people to know that she's funny, awesome, talented, and a Christian. Stephanie enjoys taking long walks and talking with her foster mother. She has also been in a summer basketball league which is an activity that is new for her. Diane enjoys going to the park, swimming, playing outside and has a love for animals especially monkeys. She's hopeful to join a soccer team in the fall, something she's been dreaming of for quite a while. Brad is the youngest sibling and has an easy-going personality. He's a sweet boy who generally does what he's told (even by his older siblings)! He loves to play outside, jump on trampolines, and swim. Brad is an animal lover and tends to go with the flow and participate in any family activities he can. Although this group is not currently free for adoption, once a family is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. For more information about this “fab four,” please have your family worker contact the children's recruiter, Heather Ebersole, at


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