Child Details
AGE 14
The serene setting of the country, with open spaces and endless opportunities is calling to Tim! Tim's ideal home setting, matches his calm, hardworking, and respectful personality. With kind eyes and an endearing smile, Tim is always polite and willing to lend to a hand. The adults in his life agree by saying, “He's the kind of kid who holds doors open and always says thank you, even for the small things, even when it's not expected.” Tim is a quiet teenager, but will open up after a trusting relationship is established. “I know that I'm quiet, but I think a family can get to know me better if we have similar interests or can share new experiences together. I'm not afraid of trying something new.” While Tim loves the outdoors, he would love to experience new activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, and riding an ATV with his forever family! Tim is also interested in learning karate and how to do back flips! Even though Tim is a quiet teen, he will keep a family on their toes! As if Tim already didn't seem impressive, his name should really be “Jack” because he's a “Jack of all trades.” In addition to everything he wants to learn and experience with his family, he also has interests in athletics, cooking, video games, and music. Most days, Tim can be found either on the basketball court or out on the field playing football or soccer. He is a good sportsman, gets along well with his peers, and is a team leader. With all this activity, Tim also works up a big appetite! He enjoys cooking simple meals such as eggs or macaroni and cheese, but he would enjoy learning how to make his favorite food, which is fried chicken! “I want a nice family who will never give up on me, like other people do. I want to feel loved and supported. Getting home from school and having someone there to help me with homework is something I would like,” Tim adds. The concept of making promises and keeping them is also a very important value that Tim lives up to and helps him build trust in others. Tim has some special connections that he would like to maintain, so it's important that a family is willing to be open to this. Tim would do best in a two parent household or with a single parent who has strong support system. It would be ideal for Tim to be an only child or to have older siblings to look up to. Tim is not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. Here is a Video of Tim.