Child Details
AGE 17
MEET Valerie
Say hello to Valerie! Valerie is a very outgoing, creative, and friendly girl. She loves spending time with people that she cares about, making crafts, and listening to music. Her favorite song to listen to is “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey. Valerie also enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and anything with a unicorn on it. Valerie enjoys talking and having fun with others. She said some of her best characteristics are being helpful, artistic, and loving. Valerie wants a family who is supportive, loving, and honest. She is an animal lover and gets along well with other children, so she would love having pets and siblings! She will thrive in a family who can communicate effectively, show kindness, and have patience. It is important for Valerie that she is able to stay in contact with her grandmother and a permanent family should support this connection. Valerie is not legally free for adoption. To learn more about Valerie, please contact her recruiter Erica Beaumont via telephone or email